The sale of en primeur wines is a practice which finds its origins in Bordeaux and which makes it possible to reserve your wines from the spring following the harvest at a more attractive price. Today, some winegrowers from other regions also sell en primeur wines. Your wines will be available in two years, or a little before... it is not us who decide, but nature and our winegrower friends.

Our entire offer is not online. Contact us to receive our complete offer and to request other formats and original wooden cases of 1/2/3 bottles.

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Since January 1, 2023, when booking, the price including VAT is payable, transport costs are invoiced on delivery.

*Delivery is free in mainland France for any primeur order 2021 and following for an amount greater than €1,500 including tax (possibility of combining several orders).

Once delivered, a final invoice will then be sent to you, including VAT (possible VAT differential in the event of a change in the rate in force) and transport. We will send you your wines as soon as we have received your transport payment (and any VAT differential).

Our site offers a wide selection of primeurs, if you are looking for a specific vintage, do not hesitate to contact us.
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