Resell your grand crus or your cellar?

Individuals, professionals, restaurateurs, you want to resell some of your beautiful bottles at the best price?
We offer personalized support. Contact us at +335 57 85 89 89 or using the form below and we will get back to you as soon as possible.

Resell your wines

In a market where the demand for great wines is constantly growing, you want to enhance all or part of your cellar built up over the years or simply rotate your stock and reposition it in the face of constantly changing demand.

Vitis Epicuria will be your partner of choice to support you in this process which requires listening, expertise, discretion and efficiency.


Competitive valuation

We value your wines quickly and free of charge. We have been operating in the fine wine market since 2004, which allows us to offer you competitive purchase prices, in line with market prices and taking into account the state of conservation of your bottles.

Our buyback proposals are firm for a certain period. You know quickly and transparently the value you can get from your beautiful bottles (which distinguishes us in particular from auctions).


Confidentiality assured

The purchase of your beautiful bottles involves only our company. No information circulates outside the Vitis Epicuria team.

We assure you the greatest discretion and are attentive to any specific instructions.


Specialized logistics

We determine with you the most suitable mode of transport and our logistics department is responsible for organizing it.

We have developed logistical expertise in France and abroad and our team can help you inventory your cellar or prepare your wines before the transporter arrives.


Secure payment

Payment is sent by bank transfer or check upon receipt of the wines and after they have been checked in our warehouse.

In some cases we travel on site to better estimate the value of the wines for sale. We have a long experience of these operations and we know how to be flexible and responsive.

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